Payroll Services

We make payday easy and accurate

There are no additonal fees for direct deposit with NYPRC

We do not impound, or withdraw and hold, payroll taxes and collect interest on your money. Your money stays in your accounts until the tax payments are due and is transferred directly to the taxing agency.

We make paying employees easy

We provide direct deposit with detailed pay stubs, emailed directly to your employees, support for a wide range of pay types, wage garnishments, contractor payments, and muti-state payroll. We also provide voluntary deduction calculations, such as insurance and retirement plans.

We take care of everything, including:

  • Federal tax deposits
  • Quarterly 941 filing
  • Annual 940 and 944 filing
  • Employee W-2 calculation and filing
  • 1099-Misc filing for all contractor payments paid through our systems
  • Quarterly state tax forms filing
  • Annual state tax form filing

Theres even more…

You’ll get easy-to-understand, detailed reports each pay period. You will always be current on payroll information.

We offer pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation. Pay your workers’ comp each pay period based on your gross payroll instead of paying large down payments and annual, quarterly, or monthly checks based on estimates of your annual payroll.

We provide payroll and tax imports each pay period for accounting software such as QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online Edition, QuickBooks for Mac, and Peachtree®.